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Home Bleaching

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence. Every day we expose our teeth to a multitude of chemicals that cause staining of the teeth, from smoking, soda, red wine, tea, coffee, and countless other agents that work to darken teeth over time. There are many options for teeth whitening available on the market, with varying levels of effectiveness. We offer two different types of home bleaching, which represent the most effective way to whiten teeth. In-office laser bleaching is not recommended or offered at our practice, as it is less effective, has a high degree of reversion, and is known to cause significantly increased sensitivity.

Custom home bleaching trays with prescription bleaching gels are the most effective way to whiten teeth. Impressions are first taken of the teeth and used to make stone replicas of the patient's mouth. These models are then used to mold clear trays that fit specifically to the shape of that patient's teeth. These trays are given to the patient along with a whitening kit that includes gels to be used in the trays. The trays are then worn for a prescribed time each day over a period of weeks until the desired level of whitening is achieved. The patient retains the trays so that they can be worn periodically to maintain the level of whitening, preventing the patient from needing to return for multiple treatments in the office. Barring major changes in tooth shape, the patient can continue to whiten as needed indefinitely, obtaining more gel as needed from the dentist.

Professional-grade home bleaching strips are another effective option when the patient elects not to have custom trays made. These are similar to over-the-counter strips, but have increased whitening capability and reduced wear time.